Rose Skin Radiance
Our Ingredients are 100% pure and organic when possible

Our essential oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils from "NewDirections" and or "Ingredients to die for".

Our essential oil blends are made with these oils and are not dilluted unless noted... 
  as with our "Just Breathe" blend which is blended with pure sweet almond oil, Jojoba, Grapeseed oil, or     Fractionated  Coconut oil

Our coconut oil is organic pure unadulterated virgin coconut oil from "Natures oil".

Our olive oil is organic pure unadulterated extra virgin olive oil from " Natures oil".

Our Grapeseed and Golden Jojoba oil are organic and pure oils from "Natures oil".

Our Neem, Avacado and Sweet Almond are unadulterated pure oils from "Natures oil".

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​Butters and wax...

Our Organic virgin unadulterated Shea Butter comes from Africa and is imported thru "Back 2 Africa"
Our Organic virgin unadulterated raw Cocoa Butter comes from Africa and is imported thru "Back 2 Africa"

Our Organic raw natural bee's wax is from a local bee farmer in Kansas, Ok.

Essential oils are very potent and should not be used without dilluting when using topically or internally. That being said...  All of these oils are Therapeutic Grade oils and are extremely helpful in aiding our bodies different systems to help us fight and rid our bodies of toxins that everday living brings upon us.
Tips and Recipes...

Did you know you can add a few drops of Clove and Lemon essential oils to equal parts of coconut oil and baking soda to make a great alternative to toothpaste?  Try adding different oils like... peppermint and vanilla, or basil and lemon, wintergreen and peppermint, or rosemary.  Have fun trying different combinations.  Just be sure your oils are 100%pure, GC/MS tested and ingestable.